November 27-28, 2018, New York, NY

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Over 350 attendees representing all key parts of the ecosystem in the emerging regulated sports betting market in the USA, from the worlds of both sports and gaming, met in November 20017 to discuss the future shape of the market and the roadmap to regulation. The two day discussions concluded with five point Clarion Accord you can view here.  


Since then various states have discussed or passed sports betting legislation, sports leagues started active lobbying efforts by proposing an ‘integrity fee’ and gaming stakeholders continue to plan their investments to be ready to launch from day one.


The next Sports Betting USA conference, on November 27-28, 2018, will take place after the Supreme Court ruling, when the sports betting future in the USA will be way clearer. 


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Andrew Brandt

NFL Business Analyst, ESPN & Director, Moorad Center for Sports Law

"As a veteran of the sports industry and now analyzing business and legal issues surrounding it, there may be no issue in more of a transformative state than sports gambling. Once an unequivocal 'taboo' with all sports leagues and commissioners, there has been a noticeable and palpable "evolving" view in the area. Attitudes are changing, monetization angles are being evaluated and, of course, two of the four major sports leagues have placed franchises in Las Vegas. This conference is happening at the perfect time in the changing landscape of sports betting."



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New York NY

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