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iDEA (iDevelopment and Economic Association) is an association seeking to grow jobs and expand online interactive entertainment business in the United States through advocacy and education. Our members include land-based casinos, online casino and poker operators, and sports betting operators, in addition to game developers, payment processors, and many other businesses involved in this rapidly growing industry. 

Interactive online entertainment is a multi-billion dollar global industry providing customers with dozens of secure and regulated gaming options ranging from casinos with online betting operations, sports betting, online poker, social and mobile games, sweepstakes, and lotteries.

Until 2017, the majority of businesses in this sector operated outside the United States due to legislative and regulatory barriers. Then the groundbreaking Supreme Court decision in Murphy vs NCAA opened the doors for sports betting in the states, paving the way across the country for the broader expansion of online interactive entertainment. iDEA’s research shows that online gaming generates significant economic benefits for communities through increased employment and tax revenue.