Surhive is an Argentinian company that grew abroad providing development services to the most important Sports Betting centres in Europe. Surhive's largest customer is the Omni Channel sports betting provider

We have developed a wide variety of applications tailored to meet the needs of the sector, such as:

- Sportsbook
- Sportsbook Live
- Casino RNG
- Casino Live
- Sports Betting Terminals
- Mobile games
- Administration and odds management system
- Affiliate and ATM system

We have a highly trained team to meet the various requirements we are presented with. We are at the forefront of technology, implementing the latest advances in the market to provide a quick and concise response to our customers.

The different markets and policies of each region allow us rise to the occasion in terms of government protocols and laws. In turn, this is applied to the technological parameters that each client needs and developed to comply with the required standards.