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*Bonus Content* LIVE Election Debate

November 05, 2020

Post-Election wrap up: what does the result mean for sports betting and igaming?

The presidential election will be decided, one way or another, a week prior to this year’s Sports Betting USA event. This will undoubtedly have implications for the sports betting community with 3 states having sports betting on the ballot in early November as well as further ramifications for gaming at the state and local level. This session will bring together government relations experts from across the industry to walk through what the result means for US gaming.


Brendan Bussmann, Director, Government Affairs - Global Market Advisors
Ayesha Khanna Molino, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs - MGM Resorts International
John Pappas, Founder and CEO - Corridor Consulting
Stacie Stern, Government Affairs Director - FanDuel Group