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This week's podcast of the week is with ICE Sports Betting USA speaker Casey Schwab, Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, NFL Players Association. Make sure to check back every Monday for the latest sports betting insight from our industry experts.


Speaker Profile

Speaker Profile

Casey Schwab is the Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for the NFL Players Association’s (NFLPA’s) commercial business, NFL Players Inc. In that role, Casey leads negotiations on complex commercial transactions with partners such as the NFL, Electronic Arts, Fanatics and Nike. He also represents all active NFL players on issues of national importance, ranging from right of publicity legislation to sports gambling.

In addition to group licensing and sponsorship deals for NFL players—worth over $175 million annually—Casey oversees the business affairs for the other strategic commercial initiatives of the NFLPA: ACE Media (Content/Production), OneTeam Collective (Venture Capital) and REP Worldwide (Licensing Agency). Casey currently serves as a Board Member for REP Worldwide, the NFLPA Building Board and the American Bar Association’s (ABA’s) Sports Division. He previously held posts of Vice Chair and Chair of the ABA Sports Division for successive two-year terms (2014-16; 2016-18, respectively). Prior to joining the NFLPA, Casey lived in Los Angeles, CA for nearly a decade where he worked first for the NFL Media Group and then FOX Sports. While in LA, he also taught at the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law, creating and launching a course in legal entrepreneurialism that was the first of its kind at USC. He is a published author, and frequent speaker on topics such as intellectual property, media distribution, sports betting and the convergence of technology and business. 


Casey Schwab will be speaking on Day Two - 2:30pm, session: What’s in it for the players? Players’ Unions weigh in

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