Stephen Durrell

Stephen Durrell

Executive Officer, Kansas Lottery

Stephen Durrell began his career after law school as a prosecutor. After several years with the local district attorney and then Attorney General’s office, he moved into the private sector. Working for a nationwide real-estate holding company, Mr. Durrell facilitated all manner of real property transactions within the commercial real-estate field. Returning to the Attorney General’s office, he began working with the Kansas and Racing Gaming Commission overseeing and regulating parimutuel racing within the state. As Kansas then moved into the newly created “State-owned and operated” casino-style gaming, Mr. Durrell helped create the groundwork for the Racing and Gaming Commission’s new duty as casino manager regulator. After then being assigned to the Kansas Lottery by the Attorney General, Mr. Durrell helped negotiate the contracts and build the framework for state-owned casino gaming within the state as it exists today. He now acts as an Assistant Attorney General and Chief Counsel to the Kansas Lottery, doing its day-to-day legal operations including contract negotiation, rule-creation, statute drafting, litigation management and other various general counsel duties.