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Sports Betting USA


Betgenius is the premier supplier of data-driven solutions to the global sports betting and lottery sectors with offices in the UK, Estonia and the Philippines.

Sportsbook Management

The only choice for content management services, Betgenius provides partial or complete automation and outsourcing solutions for sportsbooks, enabling operators to:

  • increase margin and manage risk;
  • dramatically improve operational efficiency and reduce costs;
  • offer more sports, more events and more betting opportunities than ever before;
  • trade thousands of live in play events every month with minimal resource.


Customer Intelligence

Betgenius is leading the way in the provision of advanced marketing, customer acquisition and CRM tools that offer the ability to:


  • optimise performance of marketing operations with the Connextra® platform, which serves up to 8 billion ads every month for the sports betting, lottery and gaming sector;
  • run targeted campaigns using advanced customer profiling tools;
  • identify and manage unprofitable clients effectively.


User Experience

Betgenius brings sportsbooks to life with a wide range of apps, websites and widgets, all connected to the Betstream® live betting platform, allowing bookmakers to:


  • increase turnover by creating the best possible user experience with minimal integration;
  • offer real-time bet suggestions backed up by rich content such as live scores, commentary and statistics;
  • enhance user engagement across all channels and devices with a powerful and consistent offering.
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