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Catena Media

We're a high-quality online lead generation company within iGaming and Financial Services. With record breaking retention rates of over 5 million monthly users. Marketing and sales lead generation is rapidly moving into a new paradigm, and we are leading the way.

With our wide and solid platform we create high-quality online leads to our customers using our marketing tools and creating substantive content. The best part with this is that our business model is scalable and applicable to many other industries outside our current portfolio too.

Catena Media has become the largest lead generator delivering high-value iGaming online customers. Over the last years we have achieved unparalleled growth because we have adapted to market developments and user needs and built a scalable business model and an advanced technology platform. We have carried out several successful M&As and adapted our organisation for organic growth, through both expertise and resources.

We aim to be the number-one choice within global, innovative, performance based online marketing, in any business we enter. We will build outstanding relationships and always ensure partner brand growth by providing high-quality, partner-integrated products with superior user experiences. By focusing on strong brands within iGaming and Financial Services – moving from M&As to more organic growth – our goal is to become a global business with local presence on all continents.

Catena Media is partner-focused and will continue to deliver high-value users at low risk to growing companies. We are the perfect choice for top management, and specifically for Communication Managers, fulfilling their need for a strong partner that can show clear return on investment.

In the ever-growing, ever-changing, performance-based marketing business, where technology is constantly developing, regulations changing, competitors merging and personnel moving between organizations, Catena Media needs to be the true leader: setting the benchmark through cutting-edge business intelligence, continuous innovation, quality content, compliance and social responsibility.

Well-distanced from our competitors, but still a startup at heart, we will offer a reliable alternative to traditional media – a smarter branding choice – by providing better, more actionable, ROI-driven content.

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