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Stacks Score

Stacks Score is the first-ever all in one data a delivery platform for E-sports professionals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet us at the stand.

We specialize in a meta-analysis, machine learning and neuro net modeling in Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We have already developed both pre-match and live scoring models for calculating results in all major E-sports tournaments.

These models have already proven themselves to be the most effective and precise on the market yet. They can deliver more than 100+ different markets for any client to work within any given game category. With our technology, we can add any game that we want to our stack in less than 4 months. And there is more.

We have exclusive arrangements with all the major E-sports tournament for providing us with their data.

We believe the time has come to transform our technology into something more.

We are aiming to build the largest E-sports betting company in the world.

And in order to do that we came here looking for strategic partnerships in the following categories:

1.          Licensing and registration

2.          Media and advertising

3.          Capital investment

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