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Customer acquisition is king: What does this look like now?

November 09, 2020
The Fan and the Customer

9.00am PST | 12.00pm EST | 5.00pm GMT

Major media partnerships, affiliate marketing giants, free-to-play games and mainstream sports betting content have been popular ways to acquire customers and to turn passive sports fans into keen sports bettors. This session will bring together key stakeholders in the quest for customers to discuss what trends look like for the future of customer acquisition as sports betting continues to expand and evolve across the US.

Ed Young, Vice President, Travel & Leisure (Europe) - Morgan Stanley Equity Research
Cillian Barry, Managing Director - SportCaller
Chris Pirrone, General Manager - USA TODAY Sports Media Group
Michael Daly, Vice President North America - Catena Media
Charles Gillespie, CEO - Group
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